Sunday, July 25, 2010

Thing #7: Hula and Education B-Cycle in Denver, Colorado offers a unique and sustainable solution for how we can move through our cities. This European-style bike sharing system enables residents of Denver to access bicycles conveniently throughout the city.
This above is a site from Hula on Bike Paths in Denver, Colorado.
How can this help in education?
I say, by demonstrating to students how communities near and far are making changes that encourage the public to get out and ride. Why is this important in education? Seeing is believing as they say. Seeing a clip from a site such as Hula, students tend to believe the message you are communicating to them.
In my environment, Physical Education, this is actually a concept where life long exercise habit can be utilize to get yourself around a town, shop or to work.

Thing 6: Apps - Dingo research app & Intro video

Diigo V4: Research ~ annotate, archive, organize from diigobuzz on Vimeo.

Thing #5

Facebook, which I do have an account with, is a entertaining social tool which you can easily use on an educational level. A teacher should create a separate account for classroom access for obvious security reason and receive parental permission (my opinion). Research can be shared, outlines for projects and so forth. Twitter, which I do not have personal experience with seems to be an even quicker communication network.

Thing 4: YouTube Volleyball Spike Practice

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Thing 3:skye

Skype is the smoothest and easiest voice and video/voice communication available in my opinion.
I have used it for years with friends who have moved to India and Egypt. Easy for USA connections too.
The use by students is worldwide to be able to set up video conversations with students in international classrooms.
Personally, I recommend Skype.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wordle 1 Thing 2

My WORDLE link is: title="Wordle: Wordle 1"> src=""
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© 2009 Jonathan Feinberg Terms of Use subscribe is my part 2 of thing 2. It wanted me to pay for it $2.99 and I am not. Anyhow, not sure how this will work for you all.

11.5 Things: Thing 1

Viewed the 5 minute video on Thing 1. The way that students are accessing and communicating through multimedia resources and methods is the 21st century. Twitter, skype, FB, etc...are worldwide examples of 21century communication ease and accessibility. Universities are ahead in this accessiblity as presented in the Lamar Univ. video.
They have proven that technology and learning go together.